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My favorite learning space: Memrise Language App


My favorite learning space: Memrise Language App

URL: https://www.memrise.com/de/

I love the Memrise Learning App on my Smartphone! At the moment I’m relearning French with it.

Memrise is not a usual language app. The learner slips into the role of an astronaut and visits the outer space. Every planet stands for a new topic and new vocabulary. I like this Gamification. It makes learning more fun. So I’m motivated to learn new words, whenever I have a couple of minutes. And this is really cool! With the app on my smartphone I can learn at home, in the train or at the university - it doesn’t matter where I am.

Because of the small learning units and short exercises I can stop learning anytime and choose the length of my learning sessions. Although It’s always the same (learning new vocabulary) there are different types of exercises (typing words, speaking in the microphone, listen to a conversation etc.), so I’m not getting bored.

I can share my learning state and compete with others. It’s also possible to learn with notes from other learners to remind difficult words.


Wow - that is interesting! Thank you for sharing your story with us! I will have a closer look on this. Do you have a picture or screenshot from you specific usage of this app?