Learning Community der TUHH

My coolest learning space: Hack[aIer]space TUHH


My favorite learning space

Type of learning space (physical, virtual or a combination of both):
Both physical and virtual

Location (if physical):
Hamburg University of Technology, Building Q

GPS: 53.459973, 9.970998

URL (if virtual): https://community.tuhh.de/c/hackerspace

Description of your favorite learning space(s) (Please feel free to consider the following questions when describing your favorite learning space)

  • Why is this your favorite learning space?
  • What makes it special?
  • With how do you share this space?
  • How often do you use the learning space?
  • What kind of tools do you use when learning here - virtually as kind of technologies (youtub, twitter & Co.) physical (devices, chocolate)
  • In case of a combination of both physical and virtual learning space - please also describe the connection between the two.
  • What do you or what would you transfer to working spaces?

People are coming together from totally different disciplines, sharing the main interest in how to apply technology in order to support open learning processes. For me, coming from social sciences, it is always an adventure and a great learning journey when discussing on green technology or data science. It is this combination of disciplines and the common interest, which supports my personal learning when dealing with digital tools in learning scenarios. The learning space itself is - let me tell it this way - wild. We always have candies, sweets and Club Mate. We usually work in tandems or in small groups. And most important we have usually more than 3 hours to really go into the details of our problems. Thus it is bring your own problem and leave with a group-discussed and designed solution. Every Wednesday is my favorite time in the week.

Pictures (Please feel free to give us a much closer look on your favorite place to learn by taking some pictures. Also please leave a quick note on the kind of license of your pictures https://creativecommons.org)

Both pictures are CC0.

Here is an insight in my first moving robot by using the CamJam EduKit-Robot. So much fun an a great way of learning with the whole community - as this was just another language we talked about.


F├╝r mich ist der Hack[a|er]space ein super Ort um sich, bei Keksen und S├╝├čigkeiten, kreativ ├╝ber verschiedene Projekte und Ideen auszutauschen. Au├čerdem gibt es vor Ort gen├╝gend Hardware und Werkzeug um es nicht nur beim Austausch belassen zu m├╝ssen. Ich kann direkt in das Machen, Ausprobieren und Experimentieren ├╝bergehen und dabei auf die Expertise der unterschiedlichen Personen vor Ort zur├╝ckgreifen.
Der Hack[a|er]space am Mittwoch Nachmittag ist nun seid mehr als einem halben Jahr fester Bestandteil meines Wochenrhythmus und wird es auch hoffentlich noch lange bleiben.


Der Hackerspace an der TUHH ist f├╝r mich wie ein kleines Familientreffen. Hier kommen Menschen zusammen, die das Lernen mit digitalen Medien voranbringen und weiterentwickeln m├Âchten. Ob Nerd, Medien-Liebhaber oder kompletter Neuling - jeder ist willkommen und wird herzlich in die Runde aufgenommen. Die verschiedenen Hintergr├╝nde der Teilnehmer machen die Sessions des Hackerspace so spannend: Man kann untereinander so viel von einander lernen und so gemeinsam Neues schaffen! Der Hackerspace und die Anregungen, die ich durch ihn bekomme, helfen mir sehr bei meiner Arbeit und ich freue mich jede Woche wieder auf das Zusammenkommen mit der Hackerspace Familie.


The Hack[a|er]space is one of my favourite learning spaces. I enjoy to collaborate with others to improve www.ruvival.de and to share my experiences and knowledge. Furthermore it allows me to connect with other e-learning projects in a great atmosphere.


Thank you so much for your feedback. If you would think about the atmosphere. By which criteria would you describe the atmosphere there? That is something that would be really interesting for me :wink:


I would describe the atmosphere as open, productive and pleasant. For me this creates an environment that is inviting to ask for help or further ideas.