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I <3 newsletters and facebook


My favorite learning spaces: newsletters and facebook

Description of your favorite learning space(s)
Newsletters and facebook pages and groups are an easy way to get an overview over certain topics despite the fast developments. There is not a single newsletter or (public and private) facebook page/group I would call my favourite but the combination of many different ones create a rich source of knowledge and opinions from many different perspectives. Newsletters and facebook-groups are usually about a certain topic (e.g. asylum) and/or for a certain group of people (e.g. volunteers) and shaped by a certain grade of institutionalisation as well as institutionalised interests and perspectives (e.g. ministries, (research) project, association).

Newsletters and facebook-groups are very dynamic. It is possible to quickly and easily share and receive new insights, problems and developments. As a reader you can make use of many different perspectives on a topic and use the knowledge for your own personal or professional life. I make use of them for both - my private and my professional life.

There is no need to be at a certain place at a certain time like in a seminar (even virtual). You can choose which information is relevant to you and decide in which topic to look for further information. Especially less formalised newsletters and groups are quite interactive with the possbility to ask questions and find a person who can provide the answers. Also, you are updated about current events which might be interesting.



That is a really interesting story of a learning space! Thanks so much, for sharing your experiences!