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Welcome to the open[research]space on open[learning]spaces

We are very happy that you have found your way to our forum. Herewith we will guide you through the process of sharing your stories about your favorite learning space - wherever this may be: at home, in your favorite youtube-channel, your favorite blog or the library next door.

Your stories

We would like you to share your favorite learning spaces - both physical and virtual - but always in combination with technology and the potentials of digital tools in these settings. For this we have put down a template of questions which could help you to describe your favorite learning space. Please feel free to overwrite and adjust the description in accordance to your own needs and to your language. Although we are at the moment only able to deeply analyse information preferably provided in German and English.


  • Please first REGISTER here in our forum
  • If you wish you are able to change the language of the forum to English (for this go to your Profil - Einstellung - Oberflaeche - Oberflaechensprache).
    Please COME BACK to this category for further information.
  • Please DO NOT REPLY to this initial post, when telling us your story about your favorite learning space.
  • Please GO BACK back to the landing page of the category.
  • Please open a NEW TOPIC when telling your story. By doing this we are able to design the whole research process in an open and collaborative way.
  • Please use the REPLY function for giving us for example general feedback on our project.

What comes next?

  1. We will collect your experiences and your stories until June 2018. We will integrate your information in our main project website by putting down your stories in accordance to your location. Step by step you will be able to see all the great and inspiring stories from all over the world under: https://openspaces.rz.tuhh.de

  2. We will analyse your stories and create general assumptions on the design of learning spaces when applying (digital) tools and technology until August 2018.

Thank you for supporting us. We are so much looking forward to your story about your favorite place to learn!

Background information


open[learning]spaces is a research project at the Institute of Technical and Higher Education at Hamburg University of Technology. More information about the research context can be found here.


Our main goal is to understand the connection between virtual and physical learning spaces and people’s usage of (digital) tools and technology in their learning spaces. Learning spaces are independent from formal settings like school, universities or companies.

We assume that learning spaces can facilitate deeper and richer learning when we design spaces with learning in mind. In order to reach out to some assumptions we collect impressions, by collecting pictures and if possible also videos and interviews, on both physical and virtual learning spaces from all over the world.

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